Gig With ARCHIE SHEPP 4tet

JULY 13 2013
Amazing concert with Archie Shepp 4tet,
intense, 4 stand up ovations, never seen one before...
Concert of the new band UNATTENDED PARKING with Tony Malaby, Tyshawn Sorey, Bobby Avey
was amazing, the music writen for them fited perfectly, energies...
Video on the site.
Just Received our VOX SYNDROME Album on Session Work,
with Robin Verheyen, Akira Ishiguro, Nick Anderson and Ziv Ravitz,
it is along suite of 21 tracks in 40 min. Art work from my kids and Graphic design from my wofe.
Lots have been happening,
Started a series in Ditmas Park: FREE STANDARDS at BAR CHORD
We have trio trio open on a theme, this week was MIchael Attias and Igal Foni, we played Rare Monk tunes...
Then there's a jam where you can play a standard, a free tunr or anything in between.. Real fun
Wieland Möller trio album with Robert Boston just came out, tour in Germany and Poland in October.
More news sooon,

February 2013
Had a blast playing with the With ARCHIE SHEPP 4tet january 19th,
with Tom Mc Clung, such an amzing musician, great guy and Ronnie Burrage such an inspiring cat.
Archie received a life time achievment from Goddard college and then we played so he was on fire,
really blesssed playing again together.
February is the red Mic at Shapeshifter lab and finaly back with Cheryl for more duos,
be well

December 8th 2012
A lot of concerts and recordings happening now,
got a call from Archie Schepp to perform with him in January 2013,
I will have the confirmation of labels for VOX SYNDROME album, should be out next year,
new Group with Tony Malaby, Tyshawn Sorey and Bobby Avey is really fun, next gig in April.
Bomb X+4 will perform again with Tyshawn.
Split Cycle NYC tour for CD release party in April, then in May in Canada,
more news soon,
happy holidays,

May 17th 2012,
The NYC Sam Blais tour with Nick Anderson, Tomy Crane and Nate Smith was great,
I will post some videos.
The Vox Syndrome Album is mixed and mastered,
21 tracks for 40 minutes, it is a big suite with micro universes,
out soon we hope.
I was aked about my 1st Album Sager-Rolf "little Church",
with Rolf Langjoen on trumpet,
Kentaro Saito on guitar and Nick Sager on drums.
It has been out of print for a long time.
so I posted it in Recording, you can listen or download the whole thing.
Enjoy, I didn't have one copy left either.
More news soon, be well,
peace thru music.

March 26 2012
Hi all, hope all is good.
we are mixing the Vox Syndrome album this week,
really excited.
It is a big suite with a lot of micro universes crossing each other...
April is busy With a new Sean sondregger collective project LIFE SQUAD April 4th.
Then a NYC tour of the Sam Blais Canada trio with Guest drummers.
Starts with Nick Anderson and 2 shows with Nates Smith April 10th at the Iridium,
and 2 more concerts with Tommy Crane.
Check the callendar for dates,
It is going to be fun,
without Forgeting Cheryl Pyle duo the day of her B day April 8th at ABC no Rio.
More news soon,
I will post videos and tracks.

November 7th 2011
All the 3 concert with Herbert Pirker were amazing.
We had an amazing concert at Seeds BK, currated by Ohad Talmore,
Tim Robbins was playing before us.
That is one of my favorite way of listening to music and perform.
Small great sounding room, people just listening and diggin'.
We had a blast.
I was just offerd a recording time, I haven't used,
We have to record VOX SYNDROME, before the end of December.
That's great but in a rush as usual in New York.
The two drummers are sharing 1 drumset.
So the band is Robin Verheyen on saxes,
Aki Ishiguro on guitar,
Nick Anderson and Ziv Ravitz on 1 drums.
14 tunes written, 9 to be record....
Will let you know soon how it went.

August 26 2011
Herbert Pirker the drummer from the Vienna suite is coming to NYC this september,
we will be playing 3 concerts with different bands.
Back With Nathan Trice the choregrapher for  a video, great work.
Vox Syndrome is happy to perform in October at Ohad Talmore's pad,
Seeds Brooklyn, an amazing serie.
A lot of new tunes.

June 6th 2011,
Canada with Sam Blais and Aki Ishiguro, we all wrote 3 tunes=9 for that band,
really cool set of music.
Martin August on drums, fun.
We played at the Upstairs and premiered most of the new pieces.
People doug it,
Montreal is relax and we have time to practice a lot,
I will post some videos about that performance.

March  4th 2011,
the month started great with a performance with the Douglas Bradford 4tet
and a Duo with Aki Ishiguro at the Poison rouge.
I am composing for Our April NYC and june Canada tour with Samuel Blais and Aki,
we are all composing for each other ,
can't wait to play those charts.
Vox Syndrome now woth ZIV RAVITZ wll be performing at Tea Lounge the 17th,
I will be posting videos.
Be well

January 20th 2011
Happy new year to all,
this month has been busy,
We are performing with Bomb X at the famous NYC clud Iridium the 21st,
we have news tunes and worked hard to have the band sound amazing.
I will post Videos ans audio on the site.
I will be performing with the insredible Dancer/Choregrapher:Nathan Trice.
He is working on a project including dance and live music based on Miles, Trane 's rare repertoire.
We are woking on booking April gigs for our great friend Sam Blais,
He is coming to visit us, Yes.
We will be all writing music for this band, including the incredible Aki Ishiguro.
More good things to come.
Be good.

December 3rd
We had an amazing month,
15 gigs in 3 weeks,
that was what I needed.
the concert with Charles Brewer and Douglas Bradford were fun,
then Samuel Blais came from Montreal and with Aki Ishiguro,
we played a lot of great musics,
with Nick Anderson on drums, what a treat, then Ari Hoenig, it was fun and Chris Carroll.
Thanks to all who had a chance to come and hear us.
December is more quiet, that will give me a chance to write some music.
I will be posted photos and videos soon.
Thanks for reading,
be well

October 27
Herbert Pirker the amazing drummer from Vienna(Haleoscene, the Vienna Suite),
is in town,
We are performing trio with Aki Ishiguro this thursday the 28th
at Solo Kitchen bar at 9.
Then November is going to be busy with Charles Brewer trio and Sam Blais and Aki's performance.
I will put recordings and /or videos on the site.
Be well,
thanks for visiting the site.

September 29,
hello friends we had a great concert with Douglas Bradford 4tet with Nick Anderson and Jon Beaty.
Novembe ris going to be a lot of fun with Charles Brewer, that really cool composer/ drummer taking us to Iridium,
Tea lounge and Shrine and our good friend Sam Blais is coming to play with Aki Ishiguro and myself at a bunch of clubs (55 bar, Rose..)
different project and music every gig.
I can't wait...

August 16,
Elvis death...
After moving twice in a month,
I have some time to update.
The Canada tour with Sam Blais, Akira Ishiguro and chris Carroll was fun,
Montreal, Quebec city.
All originals from all band members
People were screaming between tunes...
Thanks Sam for making that possible .
We had a killing gig with Vox Syndrome at Tea Lounge,
Practiced a lot with the 2 drummers and it starts flowing and groovin'.
I just posted the videos on the site,
Peace thru music.

July 13
we just had an amazing concert with Vox Syndrome,
that band is so fun, I will be posting new videos soon.
Be well
JUne 4th
I have been busy writting 3 new pieces for Vox Syndrome,
the last one is for Akira, he gave me a guitar when I was really looking for one,o write his parts.
New concept the melody and solos change each time you play them...

May 15th,
Put all the charts for the Vienna Suite on the site,
Wrote a new tune for VOX SYNDROME,
one in 4/4 (we didn't have any),
we will be performing it tuesday may 18th at Local 269.
My wife Lauren and myself are designing
the new GERALD CLEAVER "Uncle June" Album cover,
coming out soon on New Sound.

April 27th
Just added 3 audio tracks and a lot of videos,
the one of our last concert.
Enjoy Vox Syndrome.

That great place Vox Pop was closed again so
Tomorrow's Concert will be down the block
at Solo Kitchen bar,
thanks to Akira Ishiguro,
We will be playing at 7.30
Original music then Jam at 9 hosted by Akira Ishiguro.

April 12th 2010: Just finished a page on the site where you can download Pdfs of charts,
from BOMB X and The Vienna Suite,
If you would like any charts, please let me know,
I will post them.

April 2010: New Pictures , new tracks uploaded, Downloads, pictures...
A lot more coming up.
Charts to do download...

Going back to Philly to work on Jymie Merritt music,
The more I work on it , the more it blows my mind,
this is genius and mastery at work.

A dream came true,
Jymie Merritt you influenced me with his Musical systeme of special Chords and polymeters,
put a band together to record his newest music.
I am subbing for him in this band.
Have the chance to play with masters Colmore Duncan, Alan Nelson...
And share some of Mr Merritt universe, playing that incredible music.
the music was written for the musicians on the album,
who have been amazing friends for years.
This is my first Europeen project,
different vibe, mood.
You can get it at:

Our New New York Project VOX SYNDROME
with Robin Verheyen: saxes
Akira Ishiguro:Guitar
Chris Carroll and
Nick Anderson:Drums
Is starting performing and
we are preparing a recording for the end of 2010.

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