Feb 2014 Opening of a new NYC Series SPECTRUM INTERZONE at Spectrum

121 Ludlow, Second Floor, New York, New York 1000


Spectral Interzone 

The Series is curating some of the top improvisers, composers, performers and artists from the New York City new music scene. By connecting international artists from Europe and Japan, the series aims to cultivate an international interpretation of the contemporary music scene and to inspire the audience in a positive way.


Interzone will have two sets per night which will be aesthetically and artistically connected by allowing the musicians to indulge their creative impulses, to open some new doors, and uncover new dimensions leading up to a crescendo of exciting energy. 


Spectrum is a performance space made of all the arts (installations, theatre, fine arts, music and literature…) the music will be in alignment with the multimedia aspect of the place. 


Spectrum has the most amazing piano of any NYC club and the music will give offer an opportunity for the performers to play on a  great instrument. 


Most of the proceeds collected at the door will go to the musicians. It is important the artists get rewarded for their work.


The Series will have the plaisir to present: Russ Lossing, Tony Malaby, John O'Gallagher, Gerald Cleaver, Billy Mintz, Angelika Sanchez, Ralph Alesi, Mark Helias, Kris Davis, Ingrid lunbrock, Robin Verheyen, Christof Knoche,  JP Carletti, Chris Hoffman, Mark Ferber, travis reuter, Ziv ravitz, Simon Jermyn, Nick Anderson, Zack Lober, Vinnie Sperazza …and many  more


Feb 6 Opening night

7:30 Vox Syndrome  CD release party 

Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic-bass

Robin Verheyen-saxes

Travis Reuter-guitar

Ziv Ravitz & Nick Anderson-drums






9:30 Christof Knoche's DEEP END

Christof Knoche-Bass Clarinet

Caro Pook-Violin

Simon Jermyn-Bass

Zack Lober-Bass

Vinnie Sperazza-Drums







 March 6

7:30Trio Russ Lossing-piano

Billy Mintz-drums

Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic-bass






9  Russ Lossing: Three Part Invention 

Russ Lossing-piano

Mark Helias-bass 

Ralph Alessi-trumpet






April 3 Carlos Holms band!

Kris Davis, Ingrid Laubrock, May 1  Bomb X. Angelika Sanchez

June 5, 7:30 JP Carletti trio: Juan pablo Carletti, Tony Malaby, Chris Hoffman

 cello, 9 UNATTENDED PARKING: Tony malaby, Bobby Avey, Gerald Cleaver, Nico Letman

July 3 Nico + John O'Gallagher

9 John O'Gallagher, Johannes Weidenmueller and Mark FerberMay 1  


7:30 Bomb X Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Loren Stillman, Bobby Avey, Nick Anderson


9:30 anna webber 4 tet- tenor/flute

jonathan goldberger - guitar

michael bates - bass

jeff davis - drums 


June 5

7:30 the four Runners: Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, John O'Gallagher,

Bobby Avey, Gerald Cleaver, 






July 3 7:30 Nicolas Letman , John O'Gallagher, TravisReuter, Cody Brown

9 John O'Gallagher,Johannes Weidenmueller, Michael Sarin 


August 7

7:30 Trio Russ Lossing-piano, Billy Mintz-drums, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic-bass

9 Travis Reuter 6tet  Allan Mednard, Jeremy viner, Peter Schlamb, Leon Boykins, Adam O'farrill 



Sept 4

7:30 Bobby Avey trio:Thomson Kneeland, Jordan Perlson

9 Bobby Avey 4tet: Jonathan Finlayson, Thomson Kneeland, Jordan Perlson



October 2

7:30 Tierra Mestiza: Angelica Sanchez, Omar Tamez

9 LENA BLOCH +russ lossing, Cameron Brown on bass, Billy Mintz 

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